Why I am torrenting Max Heart

Evirus used the Chinese Water Torture technique, but even so he admitted that the currently-airing Heartcatch is not very good, to say it plainly:

Evirus: @sdshamshel: First Generation > Splash Star > Yes! > Fresh > Heartcatch based on what I've seen.
Zaitcev: @Evirus Where's Max Heart? Lumped together with First Gen?
Evirus: @zaitcev Max Heart is the second part of the first generation show, yes.

If I finish Max Heart's 47 episodes, it will be the second-longest series I watched ever (after staying with Naruto for 136 episodes, I swore never to it again).

Zaitcev: "Now, she -- with the help of Nagisa and Honoka, endowed with new COSTUMES and POWERS -- must find the 12 Heartiels,..." *groan*

UPDATE: This can't be good:

Evirus: @zaitcev I still don't see why you'd skip the first 49 episodes of Pretty Cure and then watch 47 episodes of Max Heart.

The bad news is, I bought 30 episodes of Pretty Cure from Crunchy (before they killed DTO), which was all they had. But if the 1st installment ran for 49, I am not getting the ending. One possibility is that I have the "Cardcaptors" type of deal and Crunchy was selling a severily abridged release, which may be just a bit better, but not much.

UPDATE UPDATE: It turns out, Crunchy has 49 for streaming, but only 30 for sale. Unbelievable perfidy.