Aroduc on B-gata H-kei 02

I realize that I am in danger of doing something like the Zero Episode stuff, but I cannot help reading the spoilers in the Aroduc's weekly of GataKei 02. And an even bigger danger is that I cannot see how watching this may be better than reading about it.

Also, when I said that "GataKei is an ecchi Kimi ni Todoke", I meant the slow development of unlikely romance by the two leads, but now we have Yamada crushed by "a clueless clumsy well meaning moron with a heart of gold that everybody immediately falls in love with." It's like Kimi ni Todoke from the standpoint of Kurumi, only this time Kurumi is going to win. Just how delightful is that?

BY THE WAY: A month ago at Major Arcana:

What has most impressed me thus far in Todoke is, against all my expectations: Kurumi. At first, her schemes were evil enough to draw considerable ire from me — enough anger and annoyance for me totemporarily stop watching. [Woa, really — Author] It took me three weeks before I continued, and in a single episode, I somehow managed to forgive all her faults and wrongdoings. Kurumi’s actions were sinister and vile, but her story also spoke of her genuine heart. [Heck yes — Author] When combined with Sawako’s virtuous nature, the story really brought out the better parts of Kurumi. After all, Sawako is some­one who has such an angelic personality that it made one feel incomparably selfish and lacking just stand­ing next to her. Making real friends with her and declaring rivalry in a contest of love is... no small feat, and certain not an achievement manageable by most people.