WAH on Hanamaru Youchien

The article at Mistakes of Youth touches upon various points in a refreshing way, with about half dedicated to the grown-up angle.

Kodomo no Jikan touches upon these sorts of things as well, and so does Evangelion. I understand that is a weird pair of names to drop in an article about Hanamaru Youchien, but the lives of the adults in those works also provide a nice amount of spice to a story that mainly focuses around people who haven’t yet reached puberty, or are going through it. It’s not something seen very often, at least in my experience, so that’s why I appreciate it.

He really should be seeing Dai-Guard, then. It is the best at it, period (although there is a line-up of shows set in adult world that I did not watch, like REC, NANA, Hataraku Man and so on, but I am certain that Dai-Guard would hold up well against them, despite playing on the field of their core competency!).