I wonder if this is a mistake of youth:

Take Sora no Oto for instance. Out of the 8 epsiodes that I saw, it came off as nothing but a formulaic moe-themed slice of life show. And not even a good one, like Keion! or Lucky Star. It was relentlessly boring, and the characters had no soul beyond their tried and true archetypes. Even the cast of Keion! had more pep in their execution than these girls.

So... doesn't the "even" imply that K-ON was not very good? It's either one or the other.

Zyl e-mailed with a reminder:

Sora no Woto wowed me with its compelling portrayal of small-unit/base-camp military life, one of the best I have ever seen, esp in the first half. Others who also have military experience, e.g. Crusader, heartily agree.

Well, I did not title this post "WAH on Sora no Woto", did I? But yes, his credibility is suspect.