Former Badger on K-ON

April 27th, 2010 by Author

Among the Martin’s many contortions and passive-aggressive (“commercialized”, “derivative”, “fandumb”, “characters are completely lifeless archetypes [for the majority of time]”), there was one concrete misstep to which he may yet be held responsible with time.

2DT beat me to the punch in highlighting its celebration of transience, which really hightlights how it’s a production that’s wildly popular now but years down the line won’t be as well remembered as the more, how should I say, sophisticated examples of animated TV. I actually think the fact that it’s so disposable is very much in keeping with what it’s portraying (a short phase in the characters’ lives), but also what it’s paying tribute to.

LOL @ the disdain of “shall we say”. Seriously though, the same predictions were made by the seething elitists about Lucky Star. And now? It is still celebrated, still pushes merch.

Of course the life moves on, which was the point of 2DT’s post. Shows that go off the broadcast recede in memory. One day even Bakabt won’t be able to offer a useable torrent. But it’s retarded to try and predict how any particular show will fare in the tail, and Lucky Star is the proof. BTW, 2DT had to post an addendum later.

I made it a point to note how Haibane Renmei continues to delight fans almost a decade down the road. Maybe I should do the same for K-ON when it finally completes, and we shall look at it again in 2023, see who’s been made obsolete.