Canne on Hanamaru

It almost looks like Canne wants us to persuade to vote for Colony Drop. Not that I would, but look:

The generic plot and unremarkable characters are neither good nor bad. I think it depends on the execution and the circumstance. And it so happened that I was in the mood for something simple and lighthearted. I did have a good time watching Hanamaru Kindergarten.

Right... Azumanga was called all that by them youngins too, and in case of Hanamaru Youchien it may be a legitimate compalint. But the following really gets my blood pressure raising:

Though never too outstanding, the animation was nicely done but I felt that the character design was a little extreme for the children’s part. The kids look cute but they are conspicuously disproportionate; ballooned heads, giant eyes, tiny limbs and no neck (okay, they have necks in some scenes). The strange design is all the more obvious in the scenes that feature both the kids and the adults because the adults’ design uses normal proportion.

Canne really should not watch Manabi Straight, not in the following 5 years anyway. Perhaps then the concepts of "anime art" and "visual expression" will make themselves easier to accept. [You mean the concept of moeblob — Ed. (no, I mean what I mean; also a moeblob is a different thing entirely, see K-ON -- Author)]

P.S. I'm going to turn around immediately and complain that Yamamoto's breasts are too big. And it does not seem like an artistic convetion to me. Yes, I took a hypocritic oath, why?