RP's trip tips

Reading the tips like RP's amuses me in the same way children playing in a sandbox must've amused Einstein, which is doubly ridiculous because of the point I'm going to make here: RP's experience barely scratches the surface, and I learned it the hard way. After a trip like his there's a feeling that if you do not know everything, then at least you know enough (or enough to teach others on blog), which is not necessarily true... Still, I'm quite curious if he really spent a night in a love hotel.

Since we're on the topic, on my second trip I was inspired by the example of Adun to rent a car. It was a riot of hilarity. For example, I forgot how to say "mantan", and ended buyig all of 1.36L of gasoline (about 1/3 of a gallon). And of course just when I started feeling confident and relaxed, I ended on a wrong side of the road. Also, I accidentally entered IC (Japanese name for "turnpike") and had to drive a few kilometers until the next exit, at which point I ran outside of the prepared street map.

I think the fun thing for people following in RP's footsteps would be to venture outside of Tokyo with its comforting Yamanote and Suika card (like Brickmuppet's trip to Kanazawa, for example). And of course, the usual: onsen, ryokan, Kyoto and K-ON tourism (alt).