Nodame LA ends

And now for something entirely different: Nodame Live Action (as promised).

I don't know how I ended there, but I felt that very concept of live action weirded me out in the beginning. And it's not like never watch any movies... Just went to Iron Man 2 this week (purely to see Elon Musk, of course), and it did not feel like that. But here, everything looked wrong. Not "3D - Pig Disgusting" wrong, but like a different visual language wrong. For one thing, in the words of Greg Dean, "whoever painted those backgrounds had too much time on his hands - way too cluttered".

Another thing about LA is the violence that we take for granted in cartoons. I was jumping every time. It's just... not what I'm used to.

Still, it wasn't bad at all. The production was done well. And actors still have more tools to express what is going on than the team of animators and seiyuu. Nodame LA is easier to understand in many places.

Liked: Yes (it's basically Nodame minus some arcs)
Rewatch: No