Chaos Tangent on Amagami SS

July 16th, 2010 by Author

Jessi[1] received a strong rival today with a post on Amagami (h/t Aroduc at #animeblogger):

Amagami SS is a crass, deplorable show that in three episodes proves how creatively bankrupt the writers are to produce a romance with a cast that is devoid of character, personality, empathy and interest. Each scene is a torpid examination of uninteresting people who are slaves to their lusts, [ yak yak yak. ]

A bonus part is, the site runs a re-feed ticker of Sankaku Complex, which is of course the peddler of the lusts and such.

I guess the today’s lesson is two-fold. First, appreciate PSgels’ [imminent] victory more. It could be this… or Colony Drop. And second, eschew the word “bankrupt”[2]. It’s crass and a signal of uninteresting.

UPDATE: Pablo asks aloud: “I just can’t put my finger on what makes him that stance.” Not sure if it’s my place to second-guess him. But if you flip a few pages back, his hate seems generally rooted in snobism.

MOAR: We awoke Kuro so a commenter puts the final dots over the eyes:

The rant by Chaostangent doesn’t even merit a serious response. It’s merely an example where one blogger tries to do the “maximum slam” on a show without any trace of fairness or base in reality. You could understand that much after 3 sentences. It’s an attempt to ride Amagami’s popularity wave on the negative side, nothing more than that. Oh, and the fact that he deletes comments disagreeing with him robs this blog of any remaining credibility in my eyes.

The observation about the cunning use of badmouthing a popular show for the sake of linkage is an astute one. I linked to it too. As for the comments, well, that only shows their fundamental weakness. This is why Ani-nouto…. Why do I even bother explaining the basics? Mentar, get a blog already.

[1] The queen of the amusing hate of all things good in anime, see K-ON.

[2] The lesson came a few hours too late.