Appreciate Miku Hatsune

My new Jeep comes with MP3 CD but no USB or SD, so I went back to burning CDs (it's a purposefuly crude vehicle: no power windows, for one). Doing that, I misunderstood how the -path-list option of genisoimage worked, and thus created an ISO where all tracks were shuffled. I listened to that CD ever since, because I was too lazy to burn another one. Today, one of the tracks in Sososo's i.Next came up, and I was shocked by the clarity of Miku's singing. I could understand every word.

How did that happen? I blame Teto Kasane. I listened to her way too much recently, enough to sing along... "Watashi ha uta-hime na no, watashi ha uso ja nai no... la la la... MISOJI TO YUUUUUUNA!" And honestly, Teto's speech is just awful with her 8-bit anounciation (sorry, UTAU fans, but it is). At first I was not sure if she actually pronounced any words or just made meaningless sounds... But gradually I started to understand her and that probably made something to my speech centers. That's how Miku surprised me.