Mitsudomoe 05

The pendulum swings from disgusting to perverted in this episode, even though I think getting the first bra is a serious business, and could've been played so in some other anime. But of course, it's Marui triplets we're talking about here. Where Sugisaki went shopping with her mother, Mitsuba was left to her own devices... And then Futaba got into the picture... The usual.

BTW, the herd of mothers was nicely done. Unfortunately, I am having trouble guessing who is who, except for the dogface family.

UPDATE: Oh Aroduc you card:

Part 1 was Mitsuba going bra shopping after getting into an argument with classmate Miku over who was the more physically mature of the two. Lord knows neither are emotionally mature.

But not just that. I was shocked, shocked at the content of Mitsuba's essay. No, really.