Miku Sugisaki

August 9th, 2010 by Author

Sugisaki’s intro card:

It says “みつばのことが大嫌いなブルジョワ”, which, I think, is supposed to mean “Mitsuba’s hated bourgeois”. Still, creators allowed her to deviate from the common “rich bitch” type. As Aroduc says, she is essentially the same character as Mitsuba herself, thus proving that money are not necessarily corrupting or it is not money that are corrupting in this case. She is allowed to win sometimes, whereas the anime rich bitch always gets her just deserts. Also, she is not blond.

Since we’re on topic, here’s a couple more intro cards:

Yuki Yoshioka: “争いごとがきらいで、恋話が好き。眉毛がトレードマーク”. The meaning is obvious, but I have no idea how to read “恋話” (“mayuge” is easy).

Miyashita (has no given name at ANN, hello Sakaki-san): “6年3組で唯ーの常識人。面倒見の良さが、後に災いする事を彼女はまだしらない・・・。” Also a type we know well. As Keiichirou Aoyama said once, “I am the only sane man in the crew of this robot”.