Mitsudomoe 08

August 24th, 2010 by Author

The time has come for me to break sharply with Aroduc regarding an episode of Mitsudomoe, even if for one segment only — the 4th one. His take:

[08] was absolutely killed by a truly godawful fourth part.

And that is because:

And the last part was 50% insert song and stills of Futaba and Random Kid #123119 with just a joke that Futaba drew his mom with giant breasts. If you didn’t see that one coming, you need your head examined.

I admit, my scribble was not enthusiastic about pan-over-stills either: “The shota segment – I appreciate the musical insert, but stills are just horrible. Otherwise, pretty nice.” The point here is that the horrible stills were not the only thing. In particular the insert song is no worse than chart-topping K-ON inserts. As for the breast joke, bah humbug, IMHO.

In addition, although this does not matter much, Aroduc was wrong about Hitoha drawing breasts. First, his own auto-capper saved a screencap where the boy is already on the top of picture with no breasts, about to fall asleep. Futaba is about to drop nearby too, so she could not possibly draw them. Second, the art style is notably different between the head and the chest — and I am sure it was done on purpose. Two older boys drew the chest.

But as I said, the main thing about the 4th segment is the ode to joy of sorts, and not the breast joke. You have to have a heart of stone to think otherwise.