Kokidokom is down

Published: Mon 30 August 2010
By Author

In meta.

Bluehost suspended kokidokom.net today, and with it went Simplicity, Anime Princess, Hey Say Anime, Anime^2, and Metanorn. Disasters like this are inevitable for second-degree re-hosting (anyone remember Riex Randall forgetting to register Dasaku's previos domain?). Certainly getting in bed with Bluehost - the same jerks who took down Hinano's blog - was quite unwise. But even with the best management, Animeblogger's turn is in the future somewhere. I even think that larger outfits like Mee.nu may one day break (in case of Meenuvia, if anything happens to Pixy). And even Wordpress is not immune, from, say, The Feds.

UPDATE: Nova has some logs.

Ironically, the Mitsudomoe 09 post at the new RandomC includes a flash player. Maestro would not stand for that, but Divine is on his own now.