Mitsudomoe 09

While watching, I compared Mitsuba and Futaba to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. It was an exaggeration, naturally, but I think a permissible one. It was a neat segment.

This may be a good time to admit that starting some time around episode 5 or 6, I began practicing fast-forwaring over segments that did not tickle my fancy. In this case, the pantsu part. That said, the bowling on ice was so terrible that I could not take my eyes off it. BTW, it included a piece of exposition -- apparently Saito is a center-forward (of "striker"). That would explain that trio of creepy and sparkly admirers.

UPDATE: Kuro says:

Underneath that bossy, cruel exterior, just lies a real softie at heart. Gotta say, this section was one of the best I’ve seen so far of the series.

Actually, That's The Joke. It was shown as early as ep.02, behold:

And then she realizes that she just was kind to people in public and gets flustered (although the usual punchline was omitted in case of the oil drum).