Mitsudomoe continuation

August 31st, 2010 by Author

ANN reports (h/t Thomas by e-mail):

Kubo indicated in the comment section of his Tuesday entry in mixi that Mitsudomoe will run for one kūru (one quarter of a year), go on hiatus for another kūru, and then run again for a second kūru.

Does anyone not know what a cour is? Or how to spell it? Anyway, apparently Mitsu was successful enough in Japan to get an extension.


<hikago> oh LOL: “kūru ” instead of “cour”
<hikago> hahahaha
<zaitcev> hikago: I thought it was amusing that ANN were ignorant about “cour” being used by media professionals in the U.S.
<zaitcev> If it were 4chan slang, I would defer to ANN, but it’s not.
<hikago> @zait: yeah, or they failed to make a simple connection