Mitsudomoe 11 and 12

September 19th, 2010 by Author

I watched Mitsu 11 with some delay but was too busy to blog. I did not keep good notes either. So all I remember is Mrs. Sugisaki. Now I regret I did not officially play “guess the parent”, with them all paraded in the OP.

In Mitsudomoe 12 the creators suddenly decided to demonstrate what Mitsudomoe would look like if the “pervert” knob were dialed down from 11 to about 2. Suddenly, it turned into K-ON!

Miyashita is great. I’m glad she received the screentime.

BTW, ep.12 introduced continuity big way. When Hitoha was described as a fan of Gachi Rangers, it was a part of introduction. When Hitoha exited the closet… it was the in-story change. It looks pretty significant to me, although naturally the creators may choose to make nothing of it.