Blogs that died in July

Published: Sun 03 October 2010
By Author

In meta.

Actually, the time of death is unknown, we only know the time of the last post. And any one of them may yet stagger into life zombie-like.

July 2: CKS»anime (apparently it was called "Roving Thoughts" officially). Chances of resurrection: high, in case Chris watches something thought-inducing like OER or... Kampfer. {Update: Man, did I call it just now. Chris says it was "mostly a coincidence".}

July 11: BasuGasuBakuhatsu. Nano is also maintained poorly, looks like Hung is moving on with life.

Also on July 11: Anime Chatter (by Omisyth).

July 16: The Epic Win. Ironically the last post announces its revival.

July 26: The Golden Waste. This one really is dead, deleted from Wordpress after a rant with passes like:

Region 1, or North American, anime fandom has gone from being a pretty sophisticated, happy and content cluster of people to a stupid, immature and unreasonable group of twits. The times and people have changed for the worst, I’m afraid. Intelligent and reasonable DVD-buying Region 1 supporters are dying out. I don’t like where the North American anime industry has gone. Its consumer base has become selfish.

Off the deep end.

Also on July 26: Incredible Nothing.

July 28: Tenka Hametsu.

I may be forgetting someone here but yeah... August looks not as deadly, but wait for September. That's going to be a big one.