Zakuro foreshadowing

October 15th, 2010 by Author

I don’t have much time for anime[blogging] these days, but here’s just one quick thought: looks like nobody blogging Zakuro is picking up on this:

Instead, we get blogging how Zakuro is a day-to-day romantic comedy yada yada. I may be wrong as usual, but I expect the opposing human-youkai team to appear and maybe some conspiracy to rule the world thrown in, which is what the 3 couplings of bumbling lovers are going to face. Heck, I’ll guess more: the dude in the mask is probably the adjutant guy who we saw in the beginning of the 1st episode.

UPDATE: CKS elaborates upon the same suspicions:

Sadly this is one of the weaknesses that I grumped at Zakuro for, because the good Lieutenant Hanadate sure feels like a cliche. My immediate reaction to him in the second episode (even before I realized that he was also the adjutant) was that he was so clearly too good to be true that he was probably going to turn out to be a villain, just like a whole string of similar characters before him in other shows.

I’m not done with ep.2 yet, but here’s Aroduc’s take:

I already hate Zakuro’s new love interest, the perfect boy Hanadate. If this weren’t a girly show, I’d already have him pegged for the final boss since he’s too damn perfect in every single way. Since this has more roses than characters though, he’ll probably just be the love rival that Zakuro always rushes off to whenever Kei tries to stick a candle in her.

He really came close to the obvious, but thought it was too obvious. And he did not attempt to link Hanadate to the ED.