The late Sunred

November 28th, 2010 by Author

Instigated in part by WAH’s twittering, I looked at the Sunred 35 ~ 46 (basically from the place I dropped the S2 to about where ANBU is now). The picture is a bit bleak.

Animation went back to the bad old times of ep.1. Kayoko goes off model especially often (and I am not talking about the new haircut she received in ep.40). Her character is slipping, too, I think. Maybe the life with Red is getting to her, but she gets more and more sardonic over time. The process is very gradual, but due to some circumstanes I started with ep.46, and the difference is very apparent. Not good.

I am not fond of the new OP/ED, although perhaps ED soundtrack is not bad. Also, OP has changing one-frame shots of Red in front of various landmarks, which is good for my map: more identification quests.