Infinite Stratos

The Infinite Stratos' concept should have been applied to Strike Witches if AIC writers had a modicum of imagination. Too late now. Except in fanfics.

UPDATE: Steven is concerned:

Pete has an idea. I'm leery. Who'd want to watch a guy flying around without any pants on? (Ick)

If I remember right, it was ok for men in SW universe to wear pants. Some Fuso servicemen even wore shorts, which should not interfere with operation of a Striker unit.

Commenters seem to take it a different way, assuming a rough equivalence -- Rough Rowdy Boys for Power Puff Girls, if you will. I assumed that such freak of nature would be exceedingly rare, as in the premise of IS [And Kampfer's, too — Ed.].

UPDATE: Now he's answering seriously and says that adding the guy in the mix would've turned the show into a harem. This is again not quite what I had in mind, although I realize that anime industry as we know it is institutionally incapable of producing a show that focuses outside the formula. It is not likely to be a success, and who wants to exchange the pandering money for critical acclaim? Not even Shinbo.

The past has some hints how it could be approached. Remember, for instance, Hanaukyo Maid Team, which took upon issues of trust. It also stayed true to harem formula. The difference with today is, nobody would try even that much.