Courtship training and VNs

Published: Thu 16 December 2010
By Author

In game.

This is going to double on previous post, but Steven also stated the following:

The real hook is this idea that expertise in playing dating games somehow prepares you for real life romantic endeavors, and I found that idea utterly ludicrous.

Unfortunately, arguing the point seriously would entail going too deep into my sordid past. Suffice it to say that I am convinced in the merits of eroge as a training aid, although less so in ability of boys taking advantage of it. Most would probably play it down the fastest route to CGs, so whatever rubs off on them coincidentially is the benefit. Also various titles offer varying degree of behavioural fidelity, and reviews generally gloss over it, except roughly segregating into "suitable for PSP" and "pr0n".

UPDATE: Can't give the discussion justice right now, but I would like to note that a flight training device, as discussed in CFR 14 §61.64, does not have a "story line". Your friendly Part 141 instructor "sets up a situation", usually including a nasty inflight emergency, and there may be events as the time passes. And then you do it again and again until proficiency is attained at an acceptable level.

UPDATE: Is it wrong that I LOLed at this:

<Moogy> holy crap you have to register for this site to comment on it
<Moogy> and i just wrote this big rant

Comments, the evil.