Hayase on Yamato movie

December 26th, 2010 by Author

Cute Proxy turns to classics and fortunately this time it is not some Eva movie or Haruhi movie that I can’t stand anymore:

In spite of the nicely done animation, the movie started veering into boring territory half-way. A major culprit was the choice of music for the battle scenes. Most. boring. music. ever. They should learn from LOGH on how to make things exciting with classical music. Another one was the dialogue and voice acting. It felt monotonous. Or maybe lifeless. As for the story, the premise started out okay. But sometime after the Amarl fleet that was helping Yamato got destroyed, I stopped caring. Yamato this, Yamato that. Yeah, right. What happened to the other ships? The fighters? Only one survivor in a plane crash and conveniently it’s Kodai’s daughter?? It makes the sudden revival of a supposedly dead character in the original Yamato not so unbelievable. I was now missing the silliness of the original Yamato. This movie took itself too seriously, where’s the fun in that? They spent all that money on the gorgeous visuals, but this movie has no soul.


My disappointment in this movie notwithstanding, I am still looking forward to the live-action version of Space Battleship Yamato.

Right, I was just thinking about that, too.