Nova on PSG

He seems not enthralled:

Thus the most experimental show in the season grinds to an end. It was about time too as it was steadily losing steam over its run.

... however...

PSG was a nice change to the usual anime routine and the various tricks Gainax was playing around with were worth witnessing out of pure scientific curiosity. It’s not the top comedy but a good experience in itself.

This reminded me that I did actually watch an episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt... But I could find no evidence of it! There was no paper notes, no pad-anime.txt notes, no archived notes and no screencaps. I only remembered for sure that it was a rather unimpressive show with Cartoon Network aesthetics from 1990s, with only positive being the sudden transformation sequence... I was starting to wonder if it was a false memory, when I found it in the Crunchy's history:

Here's a highlight:

But the henshin deck only took a few seconds.