The Anti-TAF or the TAF-Next

John mentioned that a bunch of holdings such as Geneon and Media Factory "have announced plans" to set up an alternative event at Makuhari Messe event center in Chiba, across the bay from Odaiba, on the same date. This is taking things beyond the mere boycott and makes them interesting. I visited TAF the next year after it established the public day (I think 2007 was the first year), and I'm curious if the execs of "the industry" can be trusted to turn to fans. Oh perhaps even do more than was done at old TAF. I did not feel like TAF was all that interesting (no fan cosplay? please), but if they pull off a decent con in Chiba, I may be game to visit, say, in March 2012. They can do worse than consult organizers of AX for a template.