CKS on Lucky Star

There was comparison in the article about SYD:

The 4-koma base of the show was very distinct [in SYD]. However, it somehow worked for SYD when before it totally didn't work for me in Lucky Star (I bounced off LS because I could practically see the strip boundaries).

Rewatching Lucky Star makes me think it was somewhat underappreciated during its run. Perhaps Haruhi set the expectations wrong, and then Yamakan's direction of the first 4 episodes was no help. Still, I can hardly credit the notion that borders of 4koma strips were any less noticeable in Seitokai Yakuindomo. Consider ep.12 (which I rewatched recently for Kotomi's interview): 1. Aria walks down the hall, 2. Aria complains how her shoulders get stiff (her chest is too big), 3. suddenly her weight is lifted (I thought her bra snapped), 4. but no, Aria's bust rests on Suzu's head. End of the segment! How about it?

UPDATE: Omo comments by invoking the ghost of Azumanga that started it all almost a decade ago. Also, he equals Lucky Star's hype with appreciation. Sure, Kadokawa's hype machine was running full steam, but fans were decidedly split. Some even recoiled at the hype. And then there was Lolikit's conversion.