Choux on K-ON

Published: Fri 31 December 2010
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In K-ON.

Here's a cute entry:

Subject: Addicted to K-on

I don’t really think that I can say that I LIKE it. But for some reason, I just can’t seem to pull myself away from this show. Seriously. Every time I set out to do something, I find my mouse gently hovering towards the K-on!! folder. Why? [..] Is it because I’m secretly in love with Tsumugi?

lelangir: I think it means that you’re human.

Baka-Raptor: I think it means that you’re a pedophile.

Choux: Strictly speaking, Mugi’s older than me. Therefore, she is the pedophile, not me.

Baka-Raptor: Ah yes, I keep forgetting that the porn star of the blogosphere is still a kid.

He obviously meant "porn queen", not "porn star".