Campanella retrospective

I am going to run free with spoilers here. But it's not like anyone is going to watch Shikufuku no Campanella anyway, so no harm done, right?

But first, sorry for the lack of the screencaps. It hurts all the more since everything is so pretty. But capturing them off the official Youtube stream is hard work. Sure, in a way FUNi deserves praise for uploading it all and not, say, dealing with Hulu which posts pause alpha-transparency! But still I am going to blame the rights owners' greed and stupidity rather than my own lack of enthusiasm.

In particular, I do not have a single screenie of Carina's book magic. When I saw its later manifestations, I thought: "holy shit, SDB would've loved it" (he is known in animeblogging circles as a sucker for pretty magic -- he is also not dumb enough to watch Campanella [1]). It looked ridiculously cool, but always embedded in action.

Chelsea leads the ending chibi dance, and I do not understand why. Minette should have been doing it. Miriam and Garnet are not included (logically, the non-residency failed them).

The schoolgirl lesbians: no trope left behind. But nicely drawn!

This is a bit different (I think they plainly admire Chelsie's chest (CV: Asami Imai)).


The non-chibified versions of Salza and Ritos.

Ooooh, sick burn!


Just realized that I do not have a decent Nick (CV: Keiji Fujiwara [2]) and Garnet (CV: Akiko Hasegawa). This is unfortunate, because the two acted in the lulziest trope exploitation trick since Druaga's "I am going to get married after this" (also invoked in Campanella as "I am going to treat you after this"). At some point the squad is being chased up the stairs by monsters. Nick stops to delay them... The scene is set to repeat Jill's dream in Druaga 00. But then Garnet joins him! *facepalm* Someone need to ship the two in a fanfic.

[1] Actually, he did watch it! Only reached a couple of episodes in though. And I take a great comfort in him not knowing what taste Ritos was (I did not know either).

[2] I was wrong about not knowing his work before. With a portfolio as fat as his, it was certain... And indeed I heard him as Shirogane(-sensei) of Stellvia. Quite good. "Nay, the history may end altogether!"