In before Railgun

Here's a quick rundown of shows I want to finish before Railgun's sword falls:

K-ON2: Pixy and WAH were impressed and I liked the original.

Katanagatari: Don called it. And Don called OER, too.

Kurau: This I actually knew about before Nick Istre saw it, and before the poster was put up in my bathroom. But it kept teasing by falling out of Netflix' availability. Finally, FUNi posted it to Youtube, same way as Campanella. Looks like last chance!

Ninomiya-kun: This is kinda cheating, because it was safely postponed and forgotten, but Crunchy suddenly started showing it. Supposedly it's some kind of ecci comedy.

The Third: Not sure really if want. Kadokawa's obnoxious previews were intriguing.

So yeah, not many excuses left, K-ON2 is the only solid one. The Third is really stretching it, and I may be cutting off some.

P.S. Macademi is open already. Campanella has just ended. Also formally running are Full Moon, Gatakei, and true tears, the last being de-facto cancelled after ep.5 (I packed DVDs away), just wasn't blogged.