Kurogane on Fractale cancellation

I agree with Kuro: nobody cares about FUNimation and their cancelled "simulcast". Not giving ready scripts to cracksubbers is actually a positive. Ani-nouto, for instance, is not racing to post after every episode airs. That is Aroduc's job and he's a BRW (Badass Raw Watcher) anyway. So we don't care. Chizumatic? Not affected (thank you, Robert — by your prayer only). Beveridge might care a little, but it's not like he really needs to see Fractale simulcast — his plate is full anyhow. All we are going to see is the chattering classes chatter at Mania and Animesuki forums, but it's hardly relevant.

Ep.1 is still up at Hulu if anyone wants what now amounts to BD teaser.

UPDATE 2011/01/23: Apparently Hulu promises a new episode on Monday, as if nothing happened (via animenews.biz). One has to wonder if the whole cancellation was a publicity stunt.