Azumanga Stajio

April 20th, 2011 by Author

The Azumanga Stajio turned out to be a collection of doujishi. I surprised myself by recognizing the hand of quite a few artists in it. The only problem is: no furigana, which hampers me significantly.

I knew about Barasui‘s interest in Azumanga since the visit of Chiyo-chichi to the pages of Ichigo Mashimaro. But apparently he went quite some ways beyond that. Very nice and clean, yet elaborated style, compact humour.

I did not know who Ume Aoki was, but I recognized the wide faces right away. Big N should love this.

My personal favourite is the segment by Rokurou Shinofusa, whoever that might be. It is the only segment that does not feature Azumanga characters, but uses his original ones, and yet takes on all of our beloved stereotypes. Also, there is a complete story, merely divided into 4-frame parcels.