Liveblogging Railgun 01

April 25th, 2011 by Author

This is tough work, might as well make it fun as much as possible.

  • Impossible not to regognize Satomi Arai as Kuroko
  • Improbably, can’t remeber who is Mikoto and who is Kuroko (until one of them opens her mouth). Kuroko – longer hair.
  • Mitsuko (CV: Minako Kotobuku – nicely different from Tsumugi). Must refrain from liking her, it would be bad.
  • All this esper shit and measuring is offensive, but perhaps I’m just channeling my hate of Railgun into it.
  • In case anyone is wondering how anyone can like Railgun, I know the answer: Massive Groping. Now I understand.
  • These two must be Uiharu and Saten. Second off-the-frame upskirt in the ep.
  • OK, Saten is crap. Uiharu is uke.
  • 08:48 L0 is no power. What is she doing in Ac.City, then?
  • 11:24 A secret plan for “date” – mildly amusing.
  • 15:30 Frog-bonding. This is bearable, like K-ON2. The question is what else is in store.
  • 20:07 Considering how I should stand up to Kuroko. Using her hubris and talk-in-fight may be helpful. Tricking her into a teleporting together with an attached grenade would be awesome. Yes. Very nice indeed. Not while under control of the anime writers’ typewriter in the sky, of course…
  • 22:05 ED at alst.

I think I can live with Saten, now that she received her richly deserved boot to the face. She is on probation. The rest of them though… Have to compliment Misaka on not having the yandere angle for now.

UPDATE: I keep trolling Steven recently. Oh, well.