Wave of R1 licensing

This is not a compendium of announcements from the AX wave, but only what I found noteworthy.

Funimation continues to fight the "FUNi only licenses garbage" folk wisdom with not one, but two watchable shows: Asobi ni Ikuyo (AsoIku) and B Gata H Kei (GataKei). They renamed Asobi ni Ikuyo from Crunchyroll-originated "Bombshells From The Sky" into "Cat Planet Cuties". I wish it were a prank. I did not stick with either of the two, to my great regret especially in case of indomitable Yamada, but both come highly acclaimed.

Aniplex is attempting to ride the enormous popularity of Puella Magi Madoka Magica all the way to profits by charging exorbitant prices in the way Bandai Visual did in bad old days. They are going to learn pretty quickly that Americans are not taking it laying down. Madoka is another show I won't touch with a 3.3m pole, but its R2 sales top just about everything.

Nozomi (a.k.a. RightStuf - Dark Lord Kirchener's company) did not announce anything fresh, but they are reprinting the Martian Successor Nadesico.

NISA announced Kimi ni Todoke, the marvel of modern shoujo. Pixy rejoice. Although recently Australia saw releases earlier, so maybe not.

Sentai (former ADV - Ledford's company) nabbed both halves of ef. I do not expect it to become a commercial success, but it was a touching show that saw an extensive coverage at Ani-nouto.

I'm just a touch disappointed that nothing interests me enough. Perhaps GataKei is something to have for a future watch. Also, ef is a guilt-buy, although I supported the industry by getting a bunch of direct import merch. As always, nobody licensed Mahoraba. That is a given, obviously. But a curiously missing piece is Infinite Stratos, for which Ledford has streaming rights, but nothing is known about DVDs. I checked it out at CDjapan, and they ask 6300¥ for 2 episodes. With the exchange rate and shipping we are talking $623.09 (some items are not released yet). That is a significant amount of money for most people. I can rent a nicely appointed Remos GX and fly my wife for a breakfast in resort town for less.

P.S. I should add that after years of only licensing garbage, FUNi made a breakthrough in 2010 with Oh Edo Rocket and Kurage-hime. They seem to be turning the corner.

UPDATE: J. finds Funimation's naming ideas palatable. And indeed, what else can be done? "We Come In Play"?

The king of episodic bloggers, however, has issues with my taste:

<Aroduc> "Funimation continues to fight the “FUNi only licenses garbage” folk wisdom with not one, but two watchable shows: Asobi ni Ikuyo (AsoIku)"
<Aroduc> Oh, Petey.
<Aroduc> Petey, Petey, Petey.
<sagematt> Randall (digiwombat) also defends AsoIku for some reason.
<sagematt> "Bombshells From The Sky" is now "Cat Planet Cuties".
<Aroduc> Maybe it's a Russia thing
<Aroduc> Like thinking that Railgun doesn't suck.

I don't understand what he wanted me to highlight. He did not watch Steins;Gate.