2DT and Yi, sitting in the tree

July 14th, 2011 by Author

The special effort to dig deeper was better pre-meditated than my random musings (e.g. about Azusa), but I only extracted one thing from it: the documentary questions that I took for the lines of dialogue from the player’s avatar, may in fact be more related a standard of documentary instead. Once reminded about it, I remembered that I saw those silent questions a few times. Note, however, that in IM@S 01 they are not only questions, but a full dialogue, and one of the screencaps even captures that. I do not recall that happening in documentaries or interviews.

P.S. The remaining parsing of what’s manufactured and the fascination with genesis of similacra is not for me. Anime is a fantasy world to begin with, so I’m used to it. Now, of course there is an angle of IM@S representing the struggles of live people. But just to add an oddity to it, one of my few accidential Japanese friends is a burnt-out idol, who retired to her hometown in Hokkaido and lives a life of OL. I don’t even want to think about what’s real anymore. If it resembles our world somewhat, it’s all good.