The cogs of animeblogging machine speak

August 13th, 2011 by Author

I am unable to resist the mee-too temptation of the post at Sea Slugs. One can see that the life of episoders is generally similar across the board: you take screencaps, you write it up. Ani-nouto is no different, except for a few small things, and one major thing.

Firstly, I pretty much abandoned the infamous 0.7mm pencil for a direct-to-computer entry. And naturally, I keep the material in a text file. Secondly, I deal a lot with streaming, so I screencap using GIMP.

But the big structural difference is that Ani-nouto is backed by a collection of formatted text entries and all the images. In theory, with minimal amount of Python scripting I should be able to re-upload the material into any host (including a non-WP one, such as Meenuvia or LJ. The local storage is backed up by cloud (Duplicity + S3). As far as I know, this is not common. Most animebloggers just throw their product into the database where it exists until the next attack or hosting crash. I wag my finger at you, Sixten.

The pipeline goes from the local source into the deployment and not backwards. Not having comments comes in very handy.