Meanwhile, at the club

Today's centerpiece was the dancing maids, led through number after number by our resident soul of cosplay Brianna Berry. What's interesting, I enjoyed the "3D Pig Disgusting" rendition of classic MMD numbers. Sadly, Brianna has not caught the Idolm@ster bug. Nothing against Miku, of course, just... think of the possibilities.

BTW, Brianna did a few solo numbers too, and was beat afterwards. I saw something like that just recently.... Please hydrate!

Before anime, we watched "Maid in Akihabara", a live action so bad that it's good. Can't really tell much about it... The lead looked cute in street clothes. And yeah, 3D strikes again.

Wagnaria: At least it's not "a cast of repulsive jerkfaces" as in PPD, but rather crazy people with the heart of gold, played for laughs skillfully. The androphobic redhead was executed way better than Yukiho, I'm sorry to report. Unfortunately, they are quite crazy, including the nominally straight man of the group. A-1 did better on the animation there than in many parts of IM@S. I would not say I "liked" what I saw, but the show had a certain quality of a trainwreck from which one cannot look away.

Touhou Gensou Mangekyou ~The Memories of Phantasm~. That's right, Touhou. I thought ZUN was strictly against anime? Nicely done, but it was pure fanservice for toe-hoe. For example, the magical battles were specifically made to resemble games quite closely. Animation was outstanding.

And now, serious business. During the after-club dinner, I found that my interlocutor never heard of Haibane Renmei. Out of curiosity, I sketched the CFF symbol at an advertisement for Denny's and passed it around. Out of 18 people (!), only one knew what it was (David Aragon, you are a man of taste in anime), and another thought it was familiar. Aziz is not going to like this result. Honestly, I do not like it myself. What is this? Bet all of the 18 know Evangelion, which was mediocre by comparison.

UPDATE: David posted a Flickr set for the event.

UPDATE: Thomas "Yamagata002" Billings twittered: "And what makes it even sadder is we showed [HR/CFF] in club four weeks ago. Only two people watched, @Cadha13 and myself."