Angel Beats begins

October 29th, 2011 by Author

My contact with Angel Beats occured through the same easy availability at Netflix streaming. As such it’s likely to be short-living, as tomorrow I have to retreat into my study, where I do not have a Windows computer or a TV. And I am not enamoured with the series enough to bother torrenting.

For all the idiocy in the way the afterlife was treated, the show rolls on quite nicely. Even though Jonathan Tappan’s spoiler notes were a big impetus to me even giving it a chance, it presents me with an intriguing mystery.

Something about the way all the nasty was piled up screams to me “VN”. It should actually scream “Jun Maeda”, but as far as I am concerned, those problem families are a staple of Clannads of this world. Speaking of Maeda, he is credited with lyrics and music for an insert song or OP. What a renaissance man. The directing is handled by Seiji Kishi, the director of Sunred. I cannot say that I recognize his style or anything like that, but he does well thus far. In fact, I stopped just after the mabu tofu, and that segment was downright well done.

One other thing, or other opinions, rather. I suspect SDB made a fundamental mistake in coming down hard on the lack of logic. It’s like raging at Winter for being cold. Although, certanly, a minimal consistency is essential, and I have not reached the end, so we’ll see. We’ll also see if Nova’s hate was lunatic or brilliant. That assumes that I’ll ever restart watching, of course.