Omo, King Author, and Google Reader

October 31st, 2011 by Author

There was a discussion of the imminent removal of Google Reader Shared Items from GR, due to migration to Plus, with GR remaining focused on its primary function of a feedreader. So far so good, but incredibly coincidentally, Omo posted an article about Fate/stay something, where he referred to F/SN’s King Arthur as “Author” no less than 3 times. Yes, really. And then he went in and changed all of them to “Arthur”. Meanwhile, but Lelangir’s GRSI retained the original:

Note that GR itself follows the updates on blogs; only GRSI snapshots. Dropping “social features” from GR removes that, but thus far I do not see anyone bringing it up in the discussion.

Also, is anyone curious if Omo’s lair contains a secret shrine to Author? I mean, 3 typos in a row, wow!