Omo on Chihayafuru

November 8th, 2011 by Author

Actually, I took notice after Bateszi twittered “Madhouse really are pulling out all the stops for Chihayafuru. Episode 5 was gorgeous from start to finish. Love this series.” But that’s Twitter… Now Omo explains a few things:

The coolest meta perspective is how the whole Chihayafuru-is-Japanese-heritage angle. By explaining those famous poems and their origins you get this whole-package history lesson. It transforms, in a very earnest sense, entertainment into education.

All I learned about classical music came from Nodame, right? And GA:GADC was excellent while talking about art supplies…

Anyway, Chihayafuru is a solid show. I didn’t really like the back story bit; partly because it’s a bit contrived, and partly because Chihaya is too one dimensional for someone getting most of the spotlight. The solid production carried me through, and partly with the promise of this muda-bijin returning to her post-puberty prettiness.

OK, duly noted. Not sure that I’m completely sold, but it’s on my radar now.