Infinite Stratos retrospective bis

December 30th, 2011 by Author

Chris made me to review my screencap stash, and so! Possibly more spoilers.

I have an affinity for anime food in general ever since Azumanga, and used it in both reporting brackets of IS. But there’s more where that came from.

Is IS “forgettable”? I completely forgot what was the deal with Laura’s left eye. I think it was explained, but I forgot.

Cool Houki recalls her IS. SDB managed to snap the frame just beyond this one, when the glow starts to envelop her, but I just missed, as was too caught up in the moment to step back.

Houki again. This one I grabbed mostly for the subtitle: a perk unavailable to raw watchers.

Another subtitle, and a good one.

Oh what the heck, another one. Do you think they are unhappy about the animation quality?

This subtitle moment is interesting because it’s notable how Ichika got his suspicions about the promise. He may be a fortress of dense, but not an entirely impregnable one. But of course, by the law of comedy, Rin’s pride made her to mishandle the situation and lose the benefit of the promise just when it could be realized.

In-video subtitle that’s available to BRWs and also The Episode Where Fujoshi Were Cruelly Entrapped.