Steelbound on Figure 17

December 30th, 2011 by Author

The quite long a spoiler-heavy review at The Null Set frankly needs to be read, but here’s a couple of random bits:

The overall 90’s look to the anime was not that difficult to get into and did not slow my enjoyment of the series but I found the character designs of the kids to be downright ugly from certain angles. The worse was the side angle which made the kids look like bullfrogs getting ready to ribbitt.

He should see The Mikofrog. BTW, I didn’t find the character designs in any way weird in Figure 17, even though I did in Manabi.

Another thing he really needs to see is Shingu. KugiRie’s Futaba was truly great in it, and the sci-fi not bad either.

Final Series Score: 11.5/12 Near Perfect

He’s right about this. It’s one of those unknown gems like Dai-Guard, only better made.