I need a BD player

Published: Sun 15 January 2012
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I finally have a BD, even if it is a half of a combo set. Now, how do I play it?

This should not be a problem: just click to Amazon, select a player, and buy it. But there is a small complication. Ideally I would like to get a multi-region DVD player out of the deal, too. Just the other day I plopped my R5 DVD into the player because I honestly forgot about this region idiocy. And this was a problem because our multi-region played died, and we are using an old unhackable Sony now.

The solution is obvious: buy a PS3, crack it, install Linux. But it takes too much work and reading of the manuals. Not a consumer-level solution.

OPPO BDP-93 seems like a nice box, but the situation with regions is unclear on it.

UPDATE: Michael Bui pointed me to the kit for OPPO BDP-93 at one of those european places. I merely need to install this:

J.Greely's solution, a pre-modded Toshiba, seems more practical. Considering that I only have a 720p TV, anything OPPO seems like an overkill.

UPDATE: Steven asks, in effect, why not a Media PC? I suppose it could be a solution, but it takes too much work again. I'd need to set up a Myth or other shell that allows to run VLC on it. Make sure that a remote works. Also, hunting for a suitable noiseless PC box is a chore. I am no stranger to this sort of make.tinker stuff, but not feeling like it at this time.