The app manga

January 17th, 2012 by Author

One difficult thing about Twitter is how it requires perfection. A minute ago I twittered:

I am peeved by “manga as an app” (the legit one), for Kindle Fire. You are selling THROUGH AMAZON. Just sell a MANGA BOOK, jeezus!

So far so good, but then I thought that it would be great to add a link, so people know what I mean. Now I face a choice: double-tweet it (nasty!), or delete the original (even worse – my followers already started to retweet).

The manga that triggered the tweet was Tales of Kurikara. I understand how it may be convenient for the publisher to post it as an app. For one thing, it can be sold outside of Amazon, through Android Market. But I don’t care about that, I only care about my problems. And among those is making sure that my Kindle is secure. Now I need to examine the permission list and make difficult decisions… Aww screw it, back to piracy.

P.S. Bought Manga Sisters just to see how a picture book works on Kindle (it’s in English). Looks perfect, so there is no technical reason to drag an “app” wrapper.