Welcome to the Dead.Anime folder

January 24th, 2012 by Author

Moving the 2DT into my Dead.Anime folder, I used this opportunity to count [1]. There are 54 entries in there. Saving them preserves the content in the cache, in case I need to refer to it, and the site falls off the Net.

The 2DT was a rather bright meteor of animeblogs, which only ran for something like 3 years (Ani-nouto linked to it for the first time in September 2009). Its blogroll slot is reassigned to Metanorn. Rules are rules: for every article I read and which is not too vile, a blog advances 1 step up the pole. Metanorn’s dodged persistence and wide topic selection lifted it up.

FRIDGE: Remember how Otou-san quit? It was almost on the same date two years ago.

[1] By saving the OPML and feeding it to wc(1).