Kill Me Baby 04

January 29th, 2012 by Author

Something happened to the unfunny comedy show of the season: it made me laugh. And it came out of nowhere, too. Two thirds of the ep.4 were usual, but in the last third, something changed. I assume it’s safe to spoil, since nobody watches that garbage anyway, but anyhow: an assasin on a mission to waste Sonya had an idea to disguise himself as Yasuna. Only the situation turned out more complex than that. A kaleidoscopic sequence of gags followed… with a great attention to continuity. For example, at some point one of fake Yasunas strikes the other one with a poison dart (because Sonya dodges it), then revives her with a zombie antidote. But more interestingly, all of them make statements from the very beginning that permit to track which is which and what their agenda is. It all culminates in almost a Nichijoesque cartoon violence with Yasunas flying on the bloody red background from the might of Sonya’s blow.

I think the sudden laugh came from the ability to cross the viewer and his expectation with a perfectly logical but unexpected development. It is not the complete technique, certainly. In one of the previous episodes, Agiri suddenly proved that she actually is a capable ninja, by defeating another ninja on equal terms. Considering all the fake ninja tricks and merch she tried to sell for 3 episodes, it was unexpected, but not humorous. Perhaps this needs something else, like the rapid-fire comedic timing and a dash of ridiculous but plausible.

Aroduc praised this segment thus:

The fake Yasunas were okay, I guess, particularly with their attempted combination attack, but that middle one’s voice hurt my brain.

You can imagine how good the segment was if he old hater admitted to it being “okay”.