Popularity at GR

February 6th, 2012 by Author

Horrible performance of Liferea made me migrate to Google Reader gradually. I move blogs one by one, starting at the top of the reading list. This way less interesting blogs are left languish in Liferea, which I rev up once in a few days. Like Twitter, GR shows the subscriber counts. Here’s a sample distribution (for one reason or the other, I do not read heavyweights like Instapundit or Danny Choo though a reader):

Blog Subscribers
Small Dead Animals 927
International Liberty 511
2DT 436
Omonomono 225
Animanachronism 183
Karmaburn 107
Chizumatic 44
Ani-nouto 27
CKS::anime 8
zaitcev.mee.nu 6
Beta-Waffle 3


  • Conventional wisdom is that anime blogs are insignificant compared to political blogs. Not so: a dead anime blog still has 436 people clinging to it, or well within striking range of fairly well-knowin political blogs.
  • Beta-Waffle has three people reading it [on Google]? Seriously? What is wrong with humanity?

UPDATE: Omo says that GR shows 45 subscribers to Beta-Waffle for him, which would be in the right ballpark. I suspect some sites may have a problem splitting a feed into Atom and RSS.