Haganai Portable

February 14th, 2012 by Author

This was completely unplanned, but my imaginary girlfriend, who is not known for initiative, talked me into watching Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (aka Haganai). Apparently she was insulted by someone on IRC saying that a Haganai character Sena “looked like a hooker” because she wore a sparkling dress… I found that FUNi provides easy legal streaming at YouTube, so I thought: “sure, why not”. Imagine our surprise when Haganai opened with an arc dealing with imaginary friends. I had no idea. I told my wife about this, and she replied: “An unlikely coincidence indeed! But nobody will believe you, dear”.

Another thing they dealt with in the anime were VN-style games for PSP, which reminded me how Toradora Portable was a barrel of fun. I immediately went and pre-ordered Haganai Portable. Aside from the game itself, I may need reading glasses, as my eyesight is getting poor, but we’ll deal with it in due time. I hope the protagonist is voiced there too.