OneMinuteOfDusk on Mouretsu Pirates

April 3rd, 2012 by Author

I had a look at Aniblog Tourney bracket, and apparently Ani-nouto is seeded to face the winner of a match-up between the well-known Altar&Vega and OneMinuteOfDusk. Having never heard about the latter, and in the spirit of the tourney went to check it out… found a cancellation notice:

The “letter of marque” is simply one of the show’s many poor excuses for them to adventure under the guise of being a “pirate”. The letter actually forces you to pirate? There’s insurance to cover your losses you’re legally robbed from? Pretty convenient, huh?.

The only other character worth a look, Chiaki, is simply a tsundere rival-friend under a thin cold image. In the battles, most of it happened on a computer screen. No, not yours. 50% of all the action features flashy and futuristic diagrams and arrows filling up flying across their ship’s monitors. 49% features the characters talking really fast about stuff that’s really complicated and apparently really brilliant. The final 1% shows the ship firing its guns maybe once or twice.

Basically it’s a good attempt to say things everyone thought but was afraid to express (except, I think, Lolikit, who’s cool and doesn’t afraid of anything… on Twitter). Granted, Evirus shot it down too with “pretty boring”, but he did not elaborate. Suddenly A&V’s victory does not seem quite so assured.

P.S. Wasn’t 49% of Banner of The Stars characters talking about complicated things? I remember rewatching ep.1 of that 3 times because I did not understand Samson’s spiel, which really was brilliant. Gave up and switched subtitles on, still could not quite figure it out. Awww, I’m going to rewatch it again now.

UPDATE: Altair&Vega demolished OneMinuteOfDusk with 169:67.