Hanners on Natsuiro Kiseki

April 20th, 2012 by Author


If last week’s episode was dumb, then this week’s Natsuiro Kiseki is just plain dull — all of the machinations within it eventually come to naught, ideas from last week’s episode get reused, and ultimately nothing of any interest actually happens as our cardboard cut-out characters lurch around and go through the motion’s of the episode’s plot. It’s utterly boring, […]

Since I am not sure if I can trust an opinion of this man, let’s consider his record. Hannars completed whole seasons of Hidamari, which I dropped 3 times, and never progressed past GA:GADC 02, which I found far superior. Never seen Azumanga and Sketchbook, apparently, although that falls into “ignorance” category. Yeah, it looks like he’s saying that I’ll love Sphere The Animation.

BY THE WAY: Nova wrote, “Either it’ll be relaxing and cute, or just god damn boring and bad.” Then he promised, “See you at episode 3.” Well?

Another prokrastinator is Lolikit, who twittered: “Natsuiro Kiseki 1: Amazing stuff. Slice of life. Nice lighting. Good friends. This is the best show of the season, hands down. 10/10”