Schneider on AKB0048

May 30th, 2012 by Author

The AKB0048 landed in my queue after Kuro shared the picture of goddamn assault mikesaber. But until now I found nothing rebloggable… Except Nova’s tryptich, perhaps:

What I watched: AKB0048. What I expected: Idolm@ster Space Edition. What I got: STALINGRAD.

The force with which it hit Nobar was rather remarkable, but what can you say about it? So, Schneider takes the lead with an article “AKB0048: Elegant Idols, For A More Civilized Age“.

A hallmark of a good world, for me, is the amount of interesting questions it forces you to ask.

Same place, he may be overstating the point about the succession, for the sake of rhethoric. Or maybe he doesn’t. I guess we’ll just have to find out.